Kiducation Ltd provides online education solutions with a strong focus on maths. We are a family run company that produce free videos and materials to help learners, parents and teachers. In a world of growing social media and increased screen time for young children, we aim to provide fun and engaging resources that have clear educational messages. At the heart of everything we do is providing the learner with valuable lessons that promote a deep understanding. Although we can see that cartoons and songs have their place in education, our resources are purely focused around the educational content. That said, we make sure that our videos are engaging and fun to watch and that our resources contain tasks that engage learners and get them excited about learning. We are constantly adding more and more resources but you can currently find: Kiducation UK  – a YouTube Channel packed full of kids educational videos that star the two young children of the family. There is a stro

Kiducation UK

Kiducation UK is packed full of fun and entertaining videos. Most importantly they all have a clear educational message. We have videos on many topics across the primary curriculum and are constantly adding more. Here is a selection of just a few. Maths Zone       Science Zone Craft Zone


OxMath provides easy to understand maths tutorials for learners, teachers and parents. The lessons are given by Sian, an Oxford Graduate with a First class Masters degree in Engineering, a PGCE in Maths and experience as a maths teacher at various schools and FE facilities. The lessons contain thorough explanations aimed at achieving a comprehensive understanding rather than rote learning. Although you will learn the methods required for school and passing exams, you will also gain knowledge of the underlying theory and how the methods work. This leads to a better understanding of maths in general, a greater ability to apply the maths when required and better grades. The playlists are sorted by key stage and topic area but not by grade, as we strongly believe that there are no limits to a learners potential and nobody should be put off by a topic's supposed grade. Instead, the videos are linked so you know what previous knowledge is required and where to go next! We are cons

Meet the Family

Douggie Douggie is the star of Kiducation UK . He is 5 years old and in year 1 at school. He enjoys school and loves learning new things. He likes making the videos so that he can help other kids learn too! Douggie’s favorite things are Lego, drawing and playing in the forest. He is a HUGE Lego fan and particularly likes Mixels. He has even designed some of his own and wants to be a Lego designer when he grows up. Elena Elena is the star of the preschooler videos and even occasionally helps Douggie out in some of his primary school videos. She is the most amusing member of the team and loves to make people laugh. She is 2 years old and can’t wait to start pre-school in September. Elena also likes Lego and playing in the woods. She is also a massive fan of Paw Patrol. Sian Sian is the mum of the family and a maths teacher. She has an engineering degree and teaching qualification, both from Oxford University. She ha