Kiducation Ltd provides online education solutions with a strong focus on maths. We are a family run company that produce free videos and materials to help learners, parents and teachers. In a world of growing social media and increased screen time for young children, we aim to provide fun and engaging resources that have clear educational messages.

At the heart of everything we do is providing the learner with valuable lessons that promote a deep understanding. Although we can see that cartoons and songs have their place in education, our resources are purely focused around the educational content. That said, we make sure that our videos are engaging and fun to watch and that our resources contain tasks that engage learners and get them excited about learning.

We are constantly adding more and more resources but you can currently find:

Kiducation UK – a YouTube Channel packed full of kids educational videos that star the two young children of the family. There is a strong focus on maths but we have videos on lots of topics including cultural, craft and scientific lessons.

Helping Kids to Really Understand Maths – a blog crammed full of information for teachers and parents. Each post is focused on a single mathematical topic or idea and discusses the whats, the whys and hows that every teacher and parent should know.

OxMath Tutorials – a YouTube Channel dedicated to maths lessons for secondary school students and beyond. The videos provide in depth explanations that are easy to follow but promote thorough understanding rather than rote learning.

Our ambition is to extend our reach so that we can help more and more people enjoy the journey of learning. If you find something that is of use to you on our site, please feel free to use it to promote learning. We only ask that you like, comment on and share our resources with others so that Kiducation can continue to grow.