OxMath provides easy to understand maths tutorials for learners, teachers and parents. The lessons are given by Sian, an Oxford Graduate with a First class Masters degree in Engineering, a PGCE in Maths and experience as a maths teacher at various schools and FE facilities.

The lessons contain thorough explanations aimed at achieving a comprehensive understanding rather than rote learning. Although you will learn the methods required for school and passing exams, you will also gain knowledge of the underlying theory and how the methods work. This leads to a better understanding of maths in general, a greater ability to apply the maths when required and better grades.

The playlists are sorted by key stage and topic area but not by grade, as we strongly believe that there are no limits to a learners potential and nobody should be put off by a topic's supposed grade. Instead, the videos are linked so you know what previous knowledge is required and where to go next!

We are constantly uploading new videos. Here are some of our currently available lessons.